2319 Knot Band

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Are you catching the subtle Monsters, Inc reference in this headband design? Then it's official: You're a die hard fan. We recently stumbled upon a theory on the interwebs as to the meaning behind “We have a 23-19”; The 23rd letter in the alphabet is 'W,' and the 19th is 'S' and it stands for 'White Sock.' We cannot confirm nor deny the accuracy of this information but nevertheless, our minds are blown. And also perfectly accessorized thanks to this cutie pie knotted bow. 

.:These adorable knotted bow headbands are the perfect accessory to any outfit. 
.:The headbands are flexible and comfortable. You can even adjust or remove the bow.
.:Headbands can fit young children and adults, about age 7 and up.

*Offered in a wide variety of colors and patterns, you can match to any clothing you like!

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